It's an earthy and inviting entrance into the eatery; with fresh microgreens growing, the warm chatter of the guests enjoying their experience, and the smell of many mouth-watering dishes in the making. I knew right away that this was going to be just my cup of tea! One of the things I loved most, about Zeal's setup, was their diverse menu. I had the utmost satisfaction of trying their Build Your Own Breakfast Bowl (or for short, B.Y.O.B.B). You get to pick your grain, pick your vegetable, choose from a sunny side up egg or tofu scramble, AND pick a sauce! This was brilliant, as I can sometimes be a very specific eater (yes, I am that girl) but sometimes you just like what you like! Many of us nowadays like our diets set up in a certain way, and Zeal caters to just that! - There are symbols on their menu to let you know whether or not it's vegan, and if it contains dairy, soy, wheat, or nuts. Among this already impressive display of forward thinking, is another concept that Jester is fully behind; the Boulder based Conscious Cleanse.

This 14 day cleanse was created to help your body thrive, by teaching it to listen to its own healthy rhythm. - If you feed your body ingredients filled with purposeful high energy nutrients, you fuel your system to be alert, and stay cognitive all throughout your day.

Finding the motivation to make a significant change can be tough, even when you find a cleanse that calls out to you. This is where Zeal comes in! Not only have they partnered with Conscious Cleanse to create a 1-3 day juice plan (that's available HERE), but they also have items all throughout their full menu that cater to the diet specifically. 

Pictured here is Zeal's Cold Pressed Juice Flight. From beets to jalapenos, these vibrant colored sips will awaken your mind, and nourish your soul. Their flight features four current menu flavors, as well as a daily juice, to start your morning off with a zzzing!​

Say goodbye to your French Fries, and PBR, and give a welcoming hello to Roasted Diavolo Cauliflower Wings, with a Lemon Tahini Sauce and a Kombucha Cosmo! "RDCW enjoys long dips in her tahini sauce, with a great book, and Kobucha Cocktail..." Hey now, let's not get too zesty here, but seriously for someone who delights in Kombucha regularly, and enjoys a few weekend libations, this idea put me on cloud nine! You're giving your life a direct injection of vitality, while still having a bit of fun. I 'indulged' in a beet, apple, ginger, and lime juice infused mimosa that was both satisfying and succulent! I saw it coming towards me in slow motion actually, with Aerosmith's "I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing" playing in my mind. I remembered quickly that I was in public, and promptly returned to reality; but I am still pining over the last sips of my new best friend, Beet Juice Mimosa. 

Food lovers rejoice; for I have found you the gateway to YUM! That's right! - Paleo partakers, veggie crusaders, and dairy intolerators, come indulge your senses in a world of possibilities. It's your organic fix, and my new addiction; I welcome you to Wayde Jester's, Zeal


...and try a cup of Zeal's Kickstarter Coffee instead! -  Sumatra coffee blended with grass-fed butter and organic virgin coconut oil.  None of the bullets, all of the bliss ;)

Wayde, and his team believe in full transparency, when it comes to their kitchen, and you can quite literally see how everything is being prepared. At any given time his team might be prepping, or plating your food right in front of your eyes - Not to mention the cold press juicing room that cultivates all the fresh juices that are on tap daily. I’m typing this, so you can't actually see the look on my face right now, but JUICES ON TAP?! That's a stroke of genius, and if you still can't picture my face I can assure you that I am in awe! - (best visually explained by the iphone emoji of the monkey who has its hands on his head. Please use this as a reference if needed) ;)

One of my favorite concepts that Zeal has to offer is their Detox/Retox section of the menu! These health forward cocktails make quite the pairing with Zeal's small plates menu (served during their 4-5:30pm Happy Hour).

I mean, who doesn't want a little nosh and slosh after a long day of work? I sure do, but if I could do that in a way where I better my body, and leave feeling completely satiated, I would choose that method every time.


Let’s just lay it all on the table (see what I did there) ;) - Most of us could make better decisions when it comes to food! Zeal goes directly to the source and leads us to eating the type of meal to fuel our day and keep our energy going. We all possess the ability to live a full and vibrant life; all we have to do is unlock it!  So put down that morning donut, and part ways with that drab ol' cup of joe! - Ignite the senses with a little love, and a whole lot of Zeal!