It almost takes your breath away, when you walk toward the eatery, and catch your first sensory meeting with comforting aroma of their wood fired oven. I believe this the basis on which the story Hansel and Gretel was crafted upon; minus the part about the witch, and that the only things looking to be cooked in the oven are the tantalizing dishes that grace your table. It's true though! When you smell that smoky essence permeating throughout the air, how could you not want to walk through those doors, and find yourself a seat? I sure did, and that fantastic decision to partake in their weekend brunch was soon greeted with a sugar-topped bowl of zeppoles (doughnuts); which if I was dining by myself, I would have devoured in a few quick seconds. Instead, I paced myself so I could order my breakfast vice: The Eggs Benedict.

Under the Sun offers a few selections of this decadent morning extravagance. I tried their "From The Deep" which was composed of two perfectly poached eggs nestled upon the benny's salmon cakes; with fresh avocado, creamy hollandaise sauce, and a toasty english muffin. I think we all know that one of the best parts of ordering a benny is cutting into the egg, and watching the golden yolk cascade along the plate. I actually relinquish this right over to my husband Mason. This is one of his true joys in life, and l get so much satisfaction over watching his face light up when he makes that first incision. Maybe he was born to be a doctor in another life, I'm not sure, but if it brings him that much happiness, he can cut my eggs anytime!

Mother Nature sure had a mind of her own this past week, bringing us many days of Pacific North West inspired scenery! What better to way to embrace this gray space, than with some ridiculously good food; especially when it's served up right beneath the rainclouds, at Boulder's Under The Sun Eatery & Pizzeria!


On Wednesday nights, Under The Sun serves up their juicy bird as their evening feature! Chef Swanson and his team cook an impressive 180 lbs of chicken for the evening, to feed the hungry Boulderites by the masses! WOWZA!

Under the Sun offers a wide variety of cuisine, during their 9am weekend brunch. Imaginative items like their Captain Crunch coated French Toast, and their prosciutto and cracked egg breakfast pizza. They like to keep it classic as well with their housemade biscuits and sausage gravy, for that bit of gluttonous indulgence that we all crave. No stone goes unturned when they put these dishes together, for they want you to experience something you will never forget! You are taken on a thorough journey of your senses when you taste flavors like toasted fennel seeds, fresh cumin, and cinnamon in their breakfast sausage, and it will certainly leave you saying "Wee wee wee need another bit of this," all the way home!​

When you are immersing yourself in these kinds of rich and robust flavors, morning libations are a must! The eatery offers both a spicy, and more mild Bloody Mary (made with their own mix), as well as an assortment of juice infused mimosas. I may have tried them all, and I am pleased to report that they are just as crisp and refreshing, as they sound on the menu! I highly recommend ordering a few of them, so you can mix and match different combinations as you go. I will tell you, the creation of the cranberry apple mimosa (via me pouring some of mine into my honey's glass while he was engaged in conversation) was quite a revelation, and it now seems that my days of drinking the typical mimosa, are quite drab in comparison. 


Featured here is the humble Chef Swanson, and Managing Partner Paul Nashak. You can tell how much these men love what they do, and that zest is absolutely channeled though every bite you take. 

So who is the ingenious chef behind Under The Sun's mouth-watering menu? None other than, chef to the stars, Nick Swanson. This French Culinary Institute grad has catered to names like Jim Carrey, Nicole Kidman, and Hugh Jackman, not to mention staged (interned) in several of Italy's Michelin-starred restaurants as well. He was sought after for quite some time by U.T.S, because they knew that bringing Chef Swanson onto the team, would mean finally putting their concepts vision into the most inspired hands possible.

Swanson and his team, are rolling out a brand new menu for spring, and it is jam packed full of flavor and creativity. Being that they are also a pizzeria, Under the Sun offers a unique approach to the typical pie. Seriously though, have you ever heard of a Buffalo Fried Chicken Pizza? How about a Buffalo Fried Chicken Pizza with House Smoked Mozzarella on it?! I don't even eat chicken, but when I read this description I couldn't stop drooling (not a pretty sight in public, but I fully committed to it). They like to keep things local too, and source from places like Hazel Dell Mushrooms, Steeles Meat Co, and Cozy Cow Dairy, to ensure that the ingredients they create with were cultivated with love. 

This spring revamp is a nod to freshness! Peppery bites of arugula in their Beet Salad, savory notes in their fennel-topped pesto Gnocchi, and a tangy zing in their whipped ricotta topped Meatballs. You can tell that Chef Swanson pours his heart out into the dishes he creates, and you will have quite the experience this season enjoying what he and his team of culinary enthusiasts have put together. I was in awe when I tasted a sample of their Scottish Salmon. The salsa verde and lemon powder that you can swirl your bite into, gives your palate an exhilarating ride, and for me this is what spring flavors are all about! I can't wait to be out on their patio, with a cold brew in hand, and enjoy some of the fantastic food from Chef Swanson's innovative kitchen!

Under the Sun is one of 5 concepts that owner Kevin Daly and his team of inventive minds have put together! Mountain Sun, Southern Sun, Vine Street, Longs Peak Pub, and their spin off restaurant Under The Sun features 21 of their own brews on tap at every location. Director of Brewing Operations, John Fiorilli, strives to keep the wheel turning; producing over 100 beers per year!! We had the opportunity to taste some of these during our dinner there this past Tuesday, and were blown away by the originality that each beer had. One of my favorites, that was served alongside their ice cream topped, Wood- Oven Fired Cookie, was their Chocolate Dipped Stout. Even though they were told that it wasn't possible, this stout was created with a blend of 44 lbs of both milk chocolate, and dark chocolate to give it a sweet and luscious flavor. These guys strive to test the limits in what they do, and it shows; as they have recieved 10 GABF (Great American Beer Festival) awards in the last 2 years, and 3 World Beer Cup awards - one as recently as just 2 weeks ago! So whether you are a beer enthusiast, or even someone who is selective in the style of brew that they enjoy, you can find exactly what you are looking for in a pint every time!

It goes withought saying that this Boulder masterpiece is a force to be reckoned with, and to the amazing team at Under The Sun (Chef Swanson, Kevin Daly, Paul Nashak, John Fiorilli, and Will Doerrmann), who gave us an incredible experience this past week, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! We as people crave to be taken on an adventure, and swept away from the mundane; and you all are the perfect example of how exhilarating food can be! 

I am eagerly anticipating my next visit, and can’t wait to see all the innovative ideas that come into fruition at this ambitious, and delicious, eatery!