The Passport Program

With summertime just around the corner, you can't help but to want to book your next vacation. You've got that cute swimsuit picked out, googled "Things to do that won't make you look like a tourist, in Hawaii," and saved a plethora of money that you will now spend on travels expenses and perhaps a few thousand tchotchkes. Only thing left to do now is to find where you put your passport!! Well, your search is over sight seekers, and I have to say, this is one passport you will want to hang on to. You won't have to break the bank with overseas lodging, or plane fare; instead you can walk right around the corner to your favorite summertime spot, enjoy a pint (or perhaps two) of your favorite brew! That's right libation lovers, no more empty pocket woes, because you have indeed struck gold - letters, that is - and they read as follows: THE 2016 FORT COLLINS PASSPORT PROGRAM!

This little black book is only $20, and will save you a bundle when you go out to see live music, or grab a bite to eat; with two for one drink specials at 34 locations around the city! It's your road map to success this summer, and this is how it works. Once you arrive at your destination, scope out a good seat, and have your passport handy; as you will want to show this to your bartender/server upon arrival. Once you've ordered your beverages, and given that cute guy you saw on the way in a wink and a smile, present your passport once more to receive a stamp. You can only use this bad boy at each venue once, but with over $300 in savings it is ABSOLUTELY worth it! Before you leave your destination, and after you've snagged the number of the cute guy you are now sharing your freebie drink with, keep in mind that you will want to take care of your server accordingly. They've been your flight attendant throughout your journey, and even though you are getting the hookup, the servers still count on you to tip as you would pre-freebie! So, what do you say? Make 2016 one for the books?....Literally?!

Of course you will! So, what are you waiting for? Hop on the next flight to: