Pita Snacks

1 Bag of your favorite Pita Chips - or try it with my Sundried Tomato Flat Bread Recipe

Everything Hummus (Recipe Found HERE) - Not your flavor? Sub it out for your favorite store bought hummus instead!

Brie Cheese


Fresh Chives

Fresh Thyme

Everything Seasoning (Available For Purchase HERE)

Optional Garnishes:

Olive Oil to Drizzle



Let me just begin by saying that these are only suggestions for ways to dress up your hummus, to make a quick and easy snack. They can be mixed and matched in so many ways though, so have fun being creative with your own take on these too!

Style 1: Chive On This! Pipe your hummus onto the pita chip and top with Everything Seasoning, and fresh chives.

Style 2: Who Framed Rodger Radish? Follow the same steps for Style one, except sub out the chives for 1 thin slice of radish.

Style 3: Sweet Dreams Are Made of Brie! Again follow the same steps for Style 1, except this time add sliced brie on top, and garnish with fresh thyme.

I like to place them in different rows so your guests can have fun trying different flavors, and they sure are the perfect pairing for this Broncos Football Sunday! So with that said, I am off to enjoy these bite sized beauties and gear up for game day!! Go get those Chargers, boys!!