Everything Hummus

Tahini Paste 2 oz Sesame Seeds 2 TBS Olive Oil Hummus 1 TBS Minced Dried Garlic 1 TBS Chopped Dried Onion 2 Cans Chick Peas 1 Can White Kidney Beans 30 Drops Frank's Red Hot 2 TBS Tahini Paste 1 Lemon Juiced 1 tsp Kosher Salt 1 Garlic Clove 1 TBS Cream Cheese

Olive Oil (For Garnish)

Everything Seasoning (Available For Purchase HERE)

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This is an insanely delicious and quick to whip up kind of a recipe when you want instant satisfaction, that doesn't taste like cardboard! Begin by crafting your tahini! Add your bottle of sesame seeds into a sauté pan, on medium low heat, and toast until they are golden brown.

Let your seeds cool, in a bowl, then add them into your food processor. Process them, stopping to stir occasionally, until mix looks creamy. Almost peanut butter-like. Scrape any excess around the processor and blend again. Slowly add in your 2TBS of olive oil, and put finished paste into a bowl to set aside. Note: Tahini is a type of paste, made from sesame seeds, typically used in hummus to increase its nutty-like flavor.

Next toast your dried onion and minced dried garlic in a sauté pan, on medium low heat, and cook until they are golden brown. Add them and all of your hummus ingredients into your food processor, then purée away!! This will take about 5 or so minutes to do, and be sure to scrape the bowl a few times to ensure it mixes properly.

Lastly put your hummus into a beautiful dish, or jar of your choosing, and top with your Everything Seasoning!

I like to serve my hummus with pita chips, and a jar of Everything Seasoning, so that guests can add it to the hummus as they eat it! It goes quick though, so be prepared to be asked to make it again soon!

All that's left if for you to enjoy your freshly created snack, and for me to head downstairs for band practice, but before I do, I just wanted to say a quick thanks to all of you who are following the blog! Hope your Turkey Day was bright, beautiful, and full of merriment lovies, and here's to a fantastic holiday season ahead!!