Fiesta Burgers

Yields 4 5oz Burgers 1/2 Green Pepper 1 C Black Beans 2 Morning Star Sausage Patties 2 Jalapeño 1 Shallot 2 1/2 TBS Hot and Spicy Old El Paso Seasoning Mix 1/2 tsp Crushed Red Pepper 1/2 tsp Garlic Powder 1/2 tsp Cumin 1/4 tsp Salt 1 Egg 3/4 C Panko

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LMP was on the road this weekend! Took a trip down to Woodland Park, with my hubs, to plat their Oktoberfest (as our duo The Key of Joy!) - It wouldn't be a REAL road trip though if we didn't stop and have some fun along the way! First, we met up with my brother Evan in Boulder, CO to have an afternoon of giggles and some great eats at The Med! Every single bite was more delicious then the next, and I could have eaten their smoked trout rillettes all day long. You can bet we will be back very soon, to once again eat your entire menu. Till then I will droll over your margherita pizza..​​.

Saturday was also my beautiful Momma In Law's Birthday, and what kind of kids would we be if weren’t in cahoots with our brothers and sisters to surprise her! Well, thanks to my sisters Kayli and Nichole being so awesome, we got everyone together and the surprise went off without a hitch. We celebrated, we libated, we took selfies. It was a blast and gave us the all the momentum we needed to drive the last stretch down to Woodland Park....that is after we met up with our friend Amber in Colorado Springs, and randomly stumbled upon a dance party......The things your husband finds when he hears music...​​

Ok, now for the real reason behind you clicking on this link....Let's talk burgers! Begin by dicing your peppers, and shallots. Next cook your ‘sausage’ for around 45 seconds, so that it is warm but still pliable. Cut up your sausage and add all ingredients, besides your cheddar, into a bowl. Mix together with your hands until it is well combined.

Next divide your burger mix into 4 burgers, and make a well in the center. Fill the wells with cheddar to ensure proper gooeyness occurs, once cooked.

Fold the top of the burger onto its self, so it closes the gap, and place each one into a sandwich bag. Poach burgers in simmering water for 40 minutes. Once they are poached, let them cool back down to room temperature so they have a chance to set up. You can now grill them, sauté them, bake them, or even throw them if need be! They don't hurt and have great splatter action ;)

In reality though they pair perfectly with my jalapeno and lemon zest potato chips. Just fry up some yukon golds and, while they are still hot, top them with salt, pepper, lemon zest and jalapeno zest.

You can also top the burgers with your chips, avocado, and some sour cream, and run towards this mountain of yum yelling "He could go all the WAAAAAY!" - Totally up to you foodies, totally up to you! ;)