Summertime Sangria Fizz

Yields About 3 Lg Mason Jars of Sangria

Takes up to 1 day (to allow fruit and wine time to combine)

2 Bottles Sauvignon Blanc

1 Med Watermelon

12 oz Blackberries

3 Kiwis

Mini Bottles of Champagne or Flavored Seltzer Water

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I don't know if there is anything better then a glass of sangria on a hot summer day. Well maybe if it's your birthday, and it's a hot summer day, AND you are now are enjoying a glass of cool and refreshing sangria. Too specific? Well that's because this is a true story! Happy Birthday to my incredible Dad! Love you so much, and we will be bringing a batch of this down in a few weeks to celebrate your special day!


First things first we are going to want to slice and/or melon ball our melon. I say "we and "our" because if for any reason this doesn't go according to plan, I want you to know we are in this together! - Place your melon pieces into a bowl and put into your freezer to turn them into 'ice cubes.' Finished cubes with indeed make you smile, as they are perfect little frozen delights that will not water down your cocktail! Now, take remaining melon (any part left after making your cubes) and juice it. This will yield around 3 1/2 C of juice.

*Note - You can use a mesh strainer to juice your melon, if you do not in fact own a juicer. See what I mean? In this together ;)​


Next let’s get our fruit, wine, and watermelon juice intertwined! Add in watermelon juice until you have reached your desired level of sweetness. Allow 1/2 -1 day to set up so that all the fruit juices combine, and to also leach in some of the wine. In other words, we are going to liquor up some fruit!​


Now that everything is mixed we can fix our glasses. didn't break yours while cleaning it to serve your cocktail in? Well then, you are all set to go! Add your berries and 'ice cubes' together....


Then pour in your sangria! Fill glass about 3/4 full and then top last 1/4 with champagne (I use mini bottles so your guests can add as little or much as they like)....


Not big on all that booze? No problem! Forgo the champagne and add in your favorite flavor seltzer instead!


You can now enjoy the fruits of your labor....quite literally! - For me this means it's time to go to our friend’s dinner party with freshly made sangria in tow. For you this means it's time to now freeze your ice cubes, and begin making this recipe for the next event you are having at your house! My only request is that you send an invite my way ;)