Eggplant Napoleon

Yields 4 Stacks of 3 or 6 stacks of 2


1 Lg or 2 Sm Eggplant 4 Roma Tomatoes 1 Pkg Basil

1 Pkg Parmesan

4 Eggs 15 oz Ricotta 1 C Spinach Packed 3/4 C Flour 2-2 1/2 C Italian Bread Crumbs

1 TBS Sriracha

1 TBS Crushed Red Pepper 1/2 tsp Pepper

Sauce Suggestions:

Peach Balsamic Reduction

1 C Balsamic 1 Peach

Reduce vinegar, and sliced peach in a sauce pan on medium high until reduction sticks to your spoon and resembles a light version of molasses.

Pea Pesto

12oz Frozen Peas 1/2 C Shredded Parmesan .35oz Basil 1/2 TBS Minced Fresh Garlic 1 TBS Softened Butter 1/8 tsp Black Pepper 1/4 tsp Salt 1 C Water

2 TBS Olive Oil

Add everything into a food processor or blender, except oil, and pulse until well combined. Keep food processor on and add in oil.

Click HERE for printable recipe

First can we take a look at this gorgeous creation? This beauty was given to me by the ever so sweet Chef Amelia Mouton! What's that? You don't know who she is?! Well that's because you haven't read the interview I had with her about her restaurant The Four Fifteen! Easy fix! Just click HERE ;)


Now, thinly slice your eggplant. I recommend cascading them onto a plate like this for a brief moment, because simply put, it looks extremely tasty!​


Next lightly salt your slices for 5 minutes on each side. Make 'em sweat, and I mean severely, like they are under interrogation for picking fight with a head of cabbage the night before....​


Do they look haggard? Great! Rinse them, dry them off, dredge them in flour, dip them into your eggs (which you will want to whip at this point), and then finally coat them in your breadcrumb mix (make mix by adding crushed red pepper, and black pepper to breadcrumbs).​


Submerge them into an olive oil abyss on medium high heat and cook them for 1- 2 minutes on each side - OR spray them with oil and bake them for 8 min then turn, and again for 8 more minutes min at 450° F. Meanwhile combine 1/2 your ricotta with your garlic and spinach in a food processor and set aside. Combine your other half of ricotta and sriracha in a bowl and set aside. ​


Slice your tomatoes, and feel free to put them into a tropical-like setting....I did, and I am feeling pretty good about it!


Now, to make 'chips' out of our parmesan cheese. Turn your oven to 375° F and bake your chips on foil for 12 min turning once. You can top them with spices too, to give them a bit of a kick!


Next place your cooked eggplant onto foil and top, all except for the top slice, with tomatoes, and different ricotta mixes. Cook for 6 min 375° F. Turn, then top your last slice of eggplant with tomatoes. Cook for 3 more minutes.


Once cooked, top each ricotta smothered slice with a parmesan chip and place the next ricotta sliced layer above it. Finally add the slice only sporting the tomatoes to finish this masterpiece, and this is where the sauces can be fun! You can drizzle or dot your peach balsamic....


Or make it saucy with the pea pesto sauce you made earlier! You can also make these into a stack of two if you’re craving a little less and/or cooking for more people!

Looking for a pesto substitute? Try my regular Pea Pesto recipe HERE

Saw my "Egg Timer" review and want to adopt my cute cats? Definitely not happening, but so appreciate that you took the time to watch the BLOOPER REEL ;)