Loaded Cauliflower Mashers

Yields 1 Lg Bowl of Mashers

1 Head Cauliflower

1 Bundle Asparagus

1/2 C White Cheddar

2/3 C Gouda

1/4 C Fresh Chives (plus some to garnish)

1 TBS Butter

1 Lg Clove Garlic



Click HERE for printable recipe

What's better then something healthy, that also brings you comfort? Well, red wine of course, but hey...no one said you can't have both right?


First take your cauliflower and cut it into a few pieces. Keep as much as the stem as possible too - it will all break down in the end. Next steam your cauliflower. You will want to have more water in your pot than usual, as you are wanting the cauliflower to literally fall apart in your hands when it's done.


Once steamed add into a bowl, and use an immersion blender to break down the cauliflower until it becomes the texture of a purée. Don't have an immersion blender? It will purée just fine with a food processor too, but I will tell you...there is a sense of inner ninja that comes from owning an immersion blender. I didn't know this until I used mine for the first time but once I felt that sense of power from it, young grasshopper, I could never live without its sweet hum again. Now is a great time to hop on eBay and take care of the fact that you had to use a food processor instead of this mighty machete of kitchen devices.


You will now take your fresh asparagus and steam it for a few minutes, until it is cooked but still crisp.


Then add it to your food processor - I know I know, we JUST talked about how an immersion blender trumps the processor, but in this case you will want your processor on the whole time and will add in little pieces of your butter until asparagus becomes paste-like.


Add your puréed cauliflower, chives, asparagus paste, toasted garlic, and both cheeses into a non stick pan with pepper, and up to 1 tsp salt to taste - (add salt in small increments until it reaches the desired flavor you like. Let it cook on medium high until the liquid cooks out and the texture becomes dense and mimics the look of mashed potatoes.


Top with fresh chives and you are ready to eat this savory side dish! I have used mine as a side with salmon, a topping to a shepherd’s pie, and the 'mash' element to my bangers and mash recipe. I have also subbed the asparagus with grilled Brussels and the cheddar for Swiss, or even added polenta to it for a bit of a different texture. Find that perfect flavor for your senses, because that perfection is essence of what comfort food is all about!

....And now we know - You can in fact turn your veggies into comforting delights, immersion blenders are awesome, and that this blogger absolutely loves a good glass of Malbec ;)