If Food Is My Religion, Then What Is My Bible


The gig is up. It’s time to admit that inspiration to change my ways of looking at food boils down to three little words: The….Flavor…Bible….. That’s right; I had fallen in love with a book. In fact I would sometimes catch myself gazing into its perfectly sliced pineapple on the cover thinking “We sure look good together, don’t we?” - By now I understand that people might feel like I have a weird pineapple and/ or produce obsession. I do, but it’s truly nothing to be concerned about.

So what’s behind the hood? Well, you can look up any ingredient, and I mean any, and be able to find everything you need to know about it. What season it’s good in, how you prepare it, the flavor it has, and that’s only the beginning! There is also a Vegetarian Flavor Bible which has every herb, spice, and veggie you could possibly think of. Gotta fixin’ for some mung beans? Well you will find that they can be pressure cooked, that pre-soaking them is optional, and that they go well with coconut milk, ginger, and curries. Cooking with hominy for the first time? You would now know that it has notes of butter and corn, has a chewy texture, and delights in the flavor of chilies, garlic and lime. These books have it all, but I wouldn’t recommend curling up with one…they can be quite cold and uncomfortable……

I remember on this particular occasion, after my mid-day Flavor Bible gratitude session, that I had found myself being challenged by one of my friends to prove that I could be given random ingredients and turn them into something fantastic, with this book. I have to say, there was an interesting display of ingredients in front of me. He got me everything from tilapia, kale, and golden raisins to lemons, peppadews, jalapenos and …errrrrrrk….CHEESE -IT’S? What the heck was I going to do with this? – Grabs Flavor Bible and has a sigh of relief – I can do everything with this! Believe it or not though this was the first time I had ever cooked with kale. So I learned that I could wilt it with butter, and that it worked well with jalapenos, and red onion (among many of the other ingredients). It’s was the perfect salad underneath my Cheese-It and panko encrusted tilapia topped with a sweet (thank you raisins) creamy, garlic, and peppadew sauce. It really turned out quite delicious and I owe it all to these, seriously good lookin’, flavor guides.

So if you find yourself in bind And pineapple’s on the mind Just grab this book And have a look Till your husband say’s “She’s mine!”