Pulled Salmon Sammy's

Yields 4 Sammy's

To Poach: At least .60 LB salmon 1 C raspberry lemonade 1 Lemon (cut into thin slices) 1/4 tsp pepper 1/8 tsp garlic powder 1/8 tsp paprika 1 plastic freezer bag

The Sauce: 1 C soy sauce 2/3 C honey

The Slaw: 2 C red cabbage 1 C carrots 1/4 wasabi cream 1 1/2 TBS mayonnaise 1/2 TSB balsamic reduction

4 pretzel rolls (or any flavor of roll)

Click HERE for printable recipe!

Ahhh yes...life as a pescetarian when you see something meaty that you want. Rest easy fish lovers, there's no need to lose sleep over this! Just reinvent what you want! - It will inspire your palate in so many new ways, and you will conquer that craving all in one swoop! Today's reinvented dish? Pulled Pork!


First to make the sauce! Combine in a sauce pan your soy sauce, & 2/3 C honey. Bring to medium heat, and let it reduce by half, or until it sticks to your spoon like maple syrup. - All of a sudden I am now craving pancakes...coincidence? I think not! *Did you know that you can spray the inside of your measuring cup with oil before you put the honey in to get every last ounce of that sweet delight into your pan? Well if you didn't then today you learned how to make a delicious Salmon Sammy recipe, and a new kitchen trick! Once the sauce has reduced set it aside to cool.


Next cut your scallions and put them into ice water (if you want them curly) if not you can cut them any way you like 'em - although we might not be able to be friends now ;)


Grab a large freezer bag, and put your pepper, garlic powder, paprika, salmon, lemon, and raspberry lemonade into it. Remove any air you can and seal the bag. Bring a pot of water to a boil, then turn off the burner, and place the poaching bag into the water for 8min.


Remove from bag immediately, to avoid over poaching the salmon, and pour contents into a strainer to make it easier to pick up the fillet. Then proceed to pulling the meat apart. Some will still be a little raw which we will cook through in the next step.


Now that your salmon is pulled apart put it into a bowl and add teriyaki sauce to it 1tbs at a time until it's completely coated. Turn a sauté pan on medium heat and once it's up to temperature cook salmon for 30 seconds, just to quickly infuse the flavor and finish the cooking process, and then remove it from heat. Again add teriyaki to fully cooked salmon until it is coated and set aside.


Remember those tasty pretzel rolls from yesterday? Well it's now time to toast those beauties!


While the rolls are toasting, let's make our slaw! Mix together your balsamic reduction, wasabi cream, and mayo in a bowl, and pour over cabbage and carrots.


Now it's time to assemble this seriously fine sammy of mine! I like to top my pulled salmon with wasabi cream for that extra tingle to my sinuses but if you are all spiced out, no more wasabi for you! Enjoy the sounds of "mmmmmm" coming from the people you made this for! You did an absolutely 'fintastic' job! (if you can think of a better fish pun, just let 'minnow')