Pea Pesto

12oz Frozen Peas 1/2 C Shredded Parmesan .35oz Basil 1/2 TBS Minced Fresh Garlic 1 TBS Softened Butter 1/8 tsp Black Pepper 1/4 tsp Salt 1 C Water

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First admire the gloriousness of these fresh ingredients. Then add everything into a food processor, or blender and pulse until well combined. Note: If mix is still too thick add water to thin. If you want an extra kick cut the water to 3/4 C and add 1/4 C Olive Oil.


Finished pesto will look like this! A mix of sunshine with a kick of jolly green giant.


There are a lot of different uses for this healthy take on a classic. Tonight's edition? Bruschetta Jack crostinis! First, grate the Bruschetta Jack. (This particuler cheese is made by Sargento).


Then dip edges of crostinis into olive oil and press grated jack cheese onto to it. Brush tops with olive oil and sprinkle on salt, and pepper. Bake for 5 min at 375 °F then on Hi Broil for 1 min. or until tops are golden brown.


Top warm crostini's with cool pesto and tomato's, then serve it as a side to your favorite italian dish! Not a cheese lover? Forgo the cheese! It's just as tasty and even more guilt free!


You can even make your own balsamic reduction to add to it. In this case I made a peach balmamic reduction by adding 1 C balsamic vinegar and 1 whole peach into a sauce pan. Reduce vinegar on medium high until reduction sticks to your spoon and resembles a light version of molasses.


Drizzle reduction onto the plate, or on top of your crostini's, to add a tangy zing to this sinfully heathy appetizer, or try this pesto as a sauce on a pizza or pasta. - A classic great turned Licked My Plate