Take A Look At My Pantry


As some of you know, and some are about to find out, I have just finished my first week working in the Pantry position (garde manger) at Jax Fish House – a farm to table, sustainable seafood restaurant with one of the most swimmingly awesome menus this pescetarian has had the pleasure of getting to know – What is a Pantry Chef you might ask? Well, I basically stand in a pantry until the dishes are done, and I pop out to say “Surprise your dinner is served!” Not what you were expecting? Well, that’s because there was absolutely no truth to that statement whatsoever, but it sure did seem exciting right?! So let’s be real here I am actually in charge of made from scratch desserts, like their s’mores torte with dark chocolate ganache, in house smoked pecans, and delicately made marshmallow fluff that is browned with my favorite device that I have used so far…..the torch - or as I would describe it, the problem solver. In all honesty no one is going to mess with you when you have that bad boy in your hands. I also work with some of the delivered fresh daily oyster and ahi tuna dishes, and salads made from local Quatrix Aquaponics lettuce. Aquaponics, if you haven't heard of it before, is where hydroponic (grown in water) plants and fish live in a symbiotic environment together. Ever bought one of those plants with a beta fish swimming around at the base of it? It’s like that! Only, instead of it just being fun to look at, these particular plants and fish are being cultivated to nourish us in the best way possible. I have learned so much already this week, and I am elated to see how I can develop my craft in many ways by being a part of a conscious, inspiring team of mentors at Jax! So if you are in Fort Collins on a Tuesday or Wednesday night, stop by and say hi! I’ll be the one in the back, with a torch in her hand, saying “Et Tu Brûlée,” you have nothing on my new found pyrotechnic talents!