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Who Is This Blogger?


Exploration is one of the best parts of life, and I sure do have a want to learn many trades. I am a musician, chef, website designer, and food photographer. Every element on this site was created by my want to learn.....and YouTube of course! 


I am a vegetarian turned pescetarian, which means (dun dun duuuun) all of my recipes are made with either veggies, grains, seeds, or fish. Now don't get me wrong I LOVE to keep things zesty! Everything I create has the intent to awaken your palate to the many flavor profiles that are possible. With that in mind, I have found instinct inspired cooking to be the backbone behind what I create. -  Best described as kick of spontaneity, with a dash of "Oh dear God let this turn out ok!" ;)


Licked My Plate is your delectable guide to entice your senses! - A food blog for the adventurous culinarian, at home chef, and vicarious foodie!