Normally when you think of hot and cold, it is in reference to that person in our lives that is unpredictable. You know the one. They glide through their day so effortlessly, until something you say sends them into a fiery, raging, uproar. You later find yourself indulging in Irelands finest at your local watering hole, running through everything you said, and wondering what caused this person to cry over spilled milk. I assure you this individual is not correlated with the event's least not that I know of thus far. Instead, this night's thermal reading went as follows. Six courses, all with one raw and one cooked dish, prepared by the collaborative efforts of Fort Collins essentials, Jax Fish House and JAWS Sushi

Care To Be Amused?

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This seductive sextet began with Oysters on the Half Shell. Jax prepared some sinfully delicious broiled oysters topped with dynamite sauce and farm tops kimchi, while JAWS presented a crisp and refreshing raw oyster with a Thai basil mignonette. These bite sized beauties awakened the senses, and set the stage for a night of culinary bliss.

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Featured above is owner Adam Schager, of JAWS Sushi

Course 2 - All About That Bass

Although catchy, we aren't talking about a Meghan Trainor hit here. This is due to the fact that I would probably be sued for some kind of copywrite infringement, and although it was have been extra exciting, Miss Trainor was not present for this evening's event. Now that we have that understanding, Course 2 WAS all about the bass....FISH that is, with Jax's Crispy Alamosa Bass Cianfotta. Summer squash, heirloom tomatoes, and fennel broth were buddied up with JAWS's citrus, tomato, and rita crisp Alamosa Striped Bass Ceviche. The two were paired perfectly with the Asian Plum Wine Ice Tea served in elegant fresh lemon, and flower, garnished glass.

Course 1 - Exceeding All 'Octspectations'

It was nothing but net in Course 1, where JAWS served up their Octopus Salad with ponzu kewpie, avocado, cucumber, and wasabi tobiko paired with Jax's Octopus a la Plancha, consisting of chorizo, charred corn, and cilantro crema. The two dishes found their match with a light and refreshing tangerine and ginger infused Sake Sangria cocktail that left this foodie saying "Thank you sir may I have another," but was turned down due to the fact that my pictures would have ended up looking like they had been through fire and ice by the time I was done. It was probably for the better, but I will say, I do dream about this entire course, on occasion.....

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Chef De Cuisine Ricky Myers and Kitchen Manager Cameron Ayers, from Jax Fish House, plating their taridito perfection

Course 4 - Strong As An Ox

I would have never thought to turn a thinly cut piece of bison into a sushi roll. Mainly because I am a pescetarian, but also because in no way shape or form do I know how to make sushi. I will leave that to the expert chefs at JAWS who crafted a Bison Tataki dish topped with Hazel Dell Mushrooms that I actually considered jumping ship for. Now now....I only considered it..

Course 3 - 'Sockeye' To Ya

They packed a punch in Course 3 with Jax's invigorating burnt citrus, chili oil, and serrano Wild Sockeye Tiradito paired with JAWS's best kept secret (which is now not so secret) Spicy Wild Sockeye Soup made with togarashi dashi, cabbage, broccoli, and carrots. I would describe this soup as the birth child of savory and comfort, and the next time I need a little pick me up I am headed to JAWS - most likely with a box of Kleenex, and cough drops with that look in my eye that says "I know a guy, who knows a guy, who knows you got the soup..."


I highly considered eating the taridito off the guests plates as I was walking by taking pictures, but I very much value my job at Jax so I waited patiently until they were done before scrounging for scraps ;) - Hey, at least I refrained for as long as I possibly could!

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Jax created a powerful tower of meaty goodness with their Braised Bison Short Rib. Decadent black rice risotto, garlic scape, and braised leeks sent this dish into "a whirlwind of mouth-watering flavors" - so I heard from my guy on the inside, Mason Bassuk. Will I ever really know the true beauty behind this bison? Probably not, but I will say that the licked clean plates spoke for themselves!

Course 5 - Cool As A Coconut

Team 'Jay Squared' joined forces for this last course's benefit! Their Coconut Lemongrass Panna Cotta with warm ginger pound cake, and yuzu peach compote was to live for. It had notes of savory yet sweet perfection, and just the right touch of refreshment with its Ginger & Lemon Sparkling Jello Shooter paring. Needless to say it sent this event into complete supremacy, and left the guests anxiously awaiting the next collaboration between these two 'Port Collins’ fish!

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You don't have to be a brain 'sturgeon' to realize DJ EZ Rock said it best, it truly does take two to make it out of sight! So to the great chefs that made this statement 'ofishal' - Thank you for creating an inventive evening, of tinder and frost, that is definitely one for! 

The Buoys & Gils

Ricky Myers - Chef De Cuisine

Jason Glinski - Sous Chef

(The brand new addition to the Jax team! )

Kyle Basnar - Bar Manager

Adam Schager - Owner

Jeffery Nanbara - Owner

Travis Hall - Sushi Chef

Zach Morris - Sushi Chef

(Recipient of the coolest name ever award!!)

Cassie Cowan - Manager

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