Being that I am a food event fiend, The Coloradoan's Secret Supper, featuring Restaurant 415, and Social, couldn’t have come soon enough. I had the true pleasure of working this event alongside Chef Amelia Mouton (415) and Chef Anthony Frazier (Social) as well as my amazing co-workers Kaylee Cordell, Ian Collicott, and Lee Mcgowan! The Chef's created an evening of mouth-watering bliss, and other than my almost epic fall with a giant pot of water, the night was one filled with passionate innovation paired perfectly on the set of the Bas Bleu Theatre Company. I felt so elated to be a part of something that, first and foremost, tasted like flavor indulged bites of heaven but that also left an imprint on so many people's hearts due to the love that these two amazing chefs put into this evening. I left feeling inspired, and let's be honest a little like Clark Kent! I may not have realized I was supposed to dress up for this event. So after my shift at work my sweet friend Kaylee offered me something to wear, from her house. Thank you for EVERYTHING you let me borrow that night doll, and I when I say everything, I mean...unmentionable secrets that Miss Cordell will (in hopes) take to the grave ;)

ANYHOW! I have been one busy bee over the past few months! It all began with Jax Fish House's Harvest Moon Salmon Bake. My hubs Mason, and I, had the pleasure of being the musical entertainment (as our duo The Key of Joy) for this moonlit event. One of the perks of being the live music is that you get to sometimes partake in the incredible dinner that night. We were overjoyed to see Jax's Chef De Cuisine, Ricky Myers, bring to life such a beautiful vision, and I have to say Chef we were blown away by what you put together! The setting was stunning, the food was absolutely decadent, and you sir have excellent taste in what you wanted for your live music ;) - I couldn't believe what Chef Myers had crafted, as I began to approach the salmon bake. This man built massive planks to nestle the salmon in, so that they would rest up against the fire. It was perfect for one of those nights where it feels like fall is beginning to kiss your cheeks, and there was nothing  better, on this crisp night, then a cozy fire, and MADE FROM SCRATCH SMOORE's! - Chef Myers, this was a magical evening, and we were so grateful to be apart of it! Same time next year?

One of my favorite things in life is watching a loved one's dream become a reality. In this case it was my friend, and Jax Kitchen Manager, Cameron Ayers! The up and coming chef made a glorious display of down home delights, created to be the first test menu to his food truck idea! What's that you say? I don't eat meat, so how am I blogging about this right now? Well.....specifically Bret Weigle.... you have your seriously good looking hubs accompany you to the said tasting, and you live through the noise of "nom nom" that he makes. I assure you this is a failsafe method! That said, according to the number of nom nom's made by Mason, the fried chicken, with red beans and rice was the bee’s knees. I too got to indulge in some of Cam's finest with his "Fritter Tots" - These little corn puppies were fluffy pockets of bliss in every bite, my friend, and I have a feeling they just might be what you are known for! Needless to say you are a soulful chef, and I couldn't be more excited for what's to come!

Last, but certainly not least, this past Friday I taught my first cooking class at The Cooking Studio in Fort Collins!! I was truly humbled by how gracious and fun my 'students' were. I say that in single quotes because I was blown away by the inspired outcome of their dishes. They had four recipes to execute in two hours. An appetizer, main, side, and dessert with the added bonus of working with their secret ingredient, pepitas! They embodied all the dishes with creativity, and left me in awe of how motivated the mind get's with just the right nudge of guidance! Thank you to everyone involved for making this an unforgettable experience, and to the team that turned my Parmesan Chips into "Chip Nipples" you made my year! - In conclusion I learned from my class that when increasing recipes to feed groups of ten people, don't mess up your flour ratio(doh!), and that wine shots are a indeed a thing! Bon Appétit Foodies!

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