Meet Christina Marie, a woman with a huge heart for the Fort Collins community!! She is the creator of Chefs on the Go, a five year old program established to teach children how to enjoy the love of cooking through the guidance, and interaction, of local chefs. 

COTG's journey began, with one of my personal favorites, Mary's Mountain Cookies. Before Jax Fish House was established it was actually the first location a restaurant called The Rustic Oven. Back then I was one of the 'hostesses with the mostesses’ who brought her co-workers in baked goodies from Mary's each week. Just a little something to brighten up those morning 'tudes.' - I'm sure Christine Marie's, then two, kiddo program delighted in their cookie making experience just as much as my co-workers did back in the days of TRO. I mean Mary does make some of the most delicious treats in town, so how could they not! Since then, her program has grown to include many inspired youngin’s who have seen the inner workings of over 40 different restaurants all throughout Fort Collins. She is also currently working on a cookbook called "Cooking with Beer," that will feature over 55 local breweries and restaurants that collaborated together to create some seriously succulent recipes. Sounding a bit familiar? That's because in my interview with Chef Amelia Mouton, she talked about being included in this cookbook with her Roasted Jalapeño Mac & Cheese, and Orange Cream Cupcake recipes! Featured below is Chef Mouton with the COTG kids! On a side note...If you haven't had a moment to check out Chef Mouton's Interview yet I highly recommend reading it, as she is an incredible chef cooking up a storm at Restaurant 415, in Fort Collins!

 I am going to be honest. The blog you are about to read may melt your heart. I don't have any recipes for how to use a melted heart yet, but due to the nature of this cuteness I may have to figure out something fast! This particular COTG outing brought the kids to this bloggers very own workplace, Jax Fish House!

These chefs in training, under the guidance of Jax Chef de Cuisine Ricky Myers, were put to the task of creating biscuits and calamari. Whoa! Let me be clear here! I definitely don't mean some kind of take on biscuits and gravy - with white cheddar biscuits, calamari, and a seafood gravy (although now that I type it, does seriously sounds delicious) - these were two very separate creations. They began with biscuits!

Chef Myers took them though the step by step process of proper, yet playful, biscuit making. Everything from forming the dough, rolling it out, and cutting the biscuits, to having the patience not to eat the dough right away! With patience in tact, and their biscuits fully cooked, they delighted in their baked goodies!

Working in teams to create the perfect pillowy biscuit

They had no hesitation in trying, what was described by this blogger to them as "like crispy fried chicken, but so much more fun to play with." Would I go about describing calamari like this to a customer at Jax? Probably not, but it would all depend on their age, and whether or not I want to keep my job ;)

Only the crumbs on their faces were left, and they were now ready to make (the very much anticipated) calamari! All eyes and ears were open as they were given their next instructions. Now if this were me, and I was being told that I would be making calamari, I most likely would have started kicking and screaming. Not because I was "that kid," but because I was a self proclaimed vegetarian at a very young age. Don't get me wrong I am now a pescetarian, and over indulgence of calamari is one of my vices in life, but if I was 8... - Most likely I would have snatched the calamari out of Chef Myers hands and tried to free it in the ocean. My poor Mother would have chased after me and tried to explain, to her crying daughter, that there was nothing I could do for it at this point. I quite possibly would not have been invited back to COTG for another session, and might have never tried fish again... but that's just me! ;) - These cuties dove right in, with a little encouragement from their peers, of course...

The kiddos made perfectly crispy calamari!

Needless to say the day was a complete success, and I absolutely loved getting to witness inspired young minds being cultivated! It blew me away to see so many kiddos eager to learn about food, and their willingness to try something new will open up their life to a world of limitless possibilities!


Thank you to Christina Marie, and Ricky Myers, for letting me be apart of this experience - giving me the opportunity to see what Chefs on the Go is all about! Parents, if you are looking for a great way to introduce your kids to the community, hop on over to COTG's registration page and see how your kids can be a part of the upcoming fun!


I will leave you with the question I know is on all your minds... When will I be interviewing Chef Myers about his insanely decadent food? Only time, and a bit of persistence by your blogger, will tell ;) 

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