"I knew when I was 15 that I wanted to own my own restaurant" - and she did just that!

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Ever have a bite of something amazing and think..."Who is the genius behind this?!" - If you haven't, I am lead to believe that you might not be indulging in new tastes as often as you should. Put this blog down, and go! Find yourself a brand new place to stretch out your culinary palate, because you may in fact find something like this...


House-made Fried Chicken, Orange-Infused Waffles with a Bacon-Thyme REAL Maple Syrup

This tequila drinking sweet & savory chef has done it all from bussing tables at her Dad's restaurant, the Rio Grande, to building her own concept from the ground up. She could even recall playing 'restaurant' with her sisters when they were little, and knowing that this is what she was born to do.

Being that you took my advice and are now back from your scrumptious jaunt, you have an understanding for the need to know who created the masterpiece you just ate. That's how I felt after my first experience at the 415 - I had to know....who is Amelia Mouton?

She is the type of chef who gains inspiration from the artists that she feels hold a mutual respect for their culinary craft. Recently turned meat indulger, this raised to be classy vegetarian has been exploring her palate at some of Colorado's most exciting restaurants including The Kitchen, and the place I find my foodie fix at weekly - Jax Fish House.

That said, I wanted to know, whose eats are on her mind? Who was the chef's food that she couldn't live without? I am very pleased to say that it's none other than Jax's Sous Chef, and my boss, Trevor Burt! "What he creates as a chef is mind blowing to me, and he is such a lovely person!" - Mouton recently had her first experience eating Duck, prepared by the influential Chef Burt, and by her explanation of its decadence, I could tell she was in good hands!

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When asked about her favorite comfort food Mouton replied "Hands down I am a macaroni and cheese freak" - I have to say...she had me at macaroni. So much so that I had to make a little video of her mouth watering, breadcrumb topped, sharp white cheddar, and gruyère mac & cheese that we indulged in the other night. Don't act like you don't want to see cheese in slow motion. We ALL want to see cheese in slow motion!! - Keep your eyes peeled too foodies, Amelia will be featured in a upcoming cookbook with her Roasted Jalapeño Mac & Cheese, and Orange Cream Cupcake recipes! Double YUM!!

It's true our chef took a shot at acting in L.A and even though it is still a true passion for her, she has found that food has taken precedent. Around the same time as her L.A journey's she was offered a position preparing 5 course meals, based solely on her own inspiration, at a Fly Fishing Ranch in Idaho - Self described as "A crash course in culinary arts." It was then that she realized people loved what she was creating. Oh how I couldn't be happier for that moments occurrence, for it has brought me melted Belgium chocolate desserts, blackened cauliflower steaks, bruschetta, and so much more that my life would be sorely missing had this epiphany not occurred! Let's all pause and reflect on this bliss.....

"That’s the funny thing about food to me…You take all this time to make it look so beautiful, and perfect and then it’s gone in seconds." - It's true too! There wasn't one thing left on our table at the 415 for very long. It was photographed, slow motion video recorded, and eaten within minutes - I even went back for pizza crumbs! - Although Mouton get's her pizza on at the newly opened Nicks Pizza in Fort Collins, this blogger had one of most amazing pies ever at the 415 called....

Garlic & Olive Oil base, Caramelized Onions, Hazel Dell mixed Mushrooms, dried Figs, Goat Cheese, Chard, Kale, & Balsamic Glaze



(With A HUGE Thank You To Amelia)

There wasn't anything off limits in our interview. I even got to hear about the kitchen disasters she has gotten herself into - Including the time she cut her toe open, while rushing to get a catering order completed, and ended up at the hospital with stitches! End result? She still has all her toes, the client came and picked up the catering order from her house, Dexter-like graphicness and all, and proceeded with their evening as if nothing even happened! - No big deal, just a minor flesh wound... ;)

Amelia was fun, charismatic, and a complete joy to interview - not to mention treated my hubby and I to a completely succulent meal at the 415 so I could snag some shots of their delectable food!! Added bonus? Got to take some shots of bourbon with the lovely chef too!

So now you know, if you are looking for amazing food, fabulous atmosphere, and a completely licked clean plate stop by Restaurant 415 and see what Chef Amelia Mouton is cooking up today!

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