I began my culinary journey, in the basement of a townhome, when my hubby and I bought our first hot plate. I was getting through an incredibly humbling experience of being overweight, and began the want to start cooking so that it was easier to track my points through Weight Watchers. I think I was far more excited than anyone I knew at the time about purchasing said hot plate and little did I know, we would go through a lot together (including the time that I made my first balsamic reduction and ended up fumigating the townhouse due to the potent fumes of vinegar pouring through the vents upstairs). Lessons were learned, and fingers were burned, but nevertheless it opened up my mind, palate, and passion for cooking.

I am a vegetarian turned pescetarian, due to a found love of sushi, which means (dun dun duuuuuuuun) all of my recipes are made with either veggies, grains, seeds, or fish. Now don't get me wrong I LOVE to keep things zesty! Everything I create has the intent to awaken your palate to the many flavor profiles that are possible. With that in mind I have found fusion cuisine, and the reinvention of classics, to be the inspiration behind what I cook - which I can best describe as kick of spontaneity with a dash of "Oh my, please let this turn out ok!"

I have indeed made myself, and my ever forgiving hubby, the best and worst dishes we have ever eaten. He recently told me, as I was washing my mouth out from the remnants of very condensed kale powder, that he envisions that the best chefs have probably made themselves the worst thing they have ever ate as well, because those mistakes are how you can learn to improve your craft. Did this make me feel better? Yes, because simply put Mason is the most amazing man I have ever met. Did I have an extremely dramatic, tearful, episode about previously mentioned kale powder being a fail of epic proportions? Maybe, but some things are better left a mystery.

Exploration is one of the best parts of life, and I sure do have a want to learn many trades. I am a musician, chef, website designer, and food photographer. Every element on this site was created by my want to learn.....and YouTube of course! With enough passion, I believe you can teach yourself anything, and the best part is they become tiny releases amongst the hustle and bustle of our day to day. So when the work day is over, or during a much needed day off, Meet Me In The Kitchen and I will show you how to have fun cooking food that leaves you saying - I LICKED MY PLATE CLEAN!